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Adding connections

Working connection is a fundamental aspect of running data quality checks. Here you can find the documentation for managing connections.

All the connections require two things specified:

  • connection name,
  • provider.

After running command

connection add
DQO will automatically ask you to provide a connection's name and select a provider. You can specify them in the command itself

connection add -n={ here goes your connection name} -t={ here goes your provider name}

Depending on a provider, different information is required. In the following paragraphs we will describe how to add connection to each of the existing providers. A required information is provided with properties or with environment variables.


In this section we describe how to add a BigQuery connection. Of course in order to access GCP services, you have to have a GCP account along with existing project and billing account. The second thing is working Google Cloud CLI.

List of properties

  • bigquery-source-project-id - your GCP project ID
  • bigquery-billing-project-id - your GCP billing project ID
  • bigquery-quota-project-id - GCP quota (billing) project ID
  • bigquery-authentication-mode - a method of authentication, choose one of three options
    • google_application_credentials - credentials obtained by (the preferred method)
    • json_key_content
    • json_key_path

So to be able to add BigQuery connection with application credentials in a headless mode, the command looks like this

connection add -n=<name> -t=bigquery -P=bigquery-source-project-id=<project_ID> -P=bigquery-billing-project-id=<billing_ID> -P=bigquery-quota-project-id=<quota_ID> -P=bigquery-authentication-mode=google_application_credentials -hl


List of properties

  • snowflake-account - your Snowflake account name
  • snowflake-warehouse - your GCP billing project ID