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Getting started

Here we will show you where and how to start using after the installation.

Running examples

Before using the application, we recommend checking out the examples.

Adding connections

Working connection is a fundamental aspect of running data quality checks. Here you can find the detailed documentation for managing connections.

All the connections require two things specified:

  • connection name,
  • provider.

After running command

connection add
DQO will automatically ask you to provide a connection's name and select a provider. You can specify them in the command itself.

After connection is added, you can display the list of existing connections by running

connection list
To access table configuration, you need to first import them:

table import -c=<connection_name>

then you will be able to edit them where you can define checks. Run the following command

table edit -c=<connection_name> -t=<schema_name>.<table_name>

an editor should open, where you can define data quality checks (list of data quality checks).